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Started to Put Together Some Data for the Web Site

I am looking for some content to fill up my site, stuff that is going to be relative to the rest of the site and not. Mostly I am looking for stories about people who are successful. Take for example this lean in blog post about a lady named Joanna Shields. The story is not very sensational and it is very self serving, but that is fine with me. People promote themselves and they want to stand up and tell people that they are winners. Of course it is hard to tell how much is marketing and how much is the truth. If you read it on the Internet that does not mean it is true. You have to consider the source for starters and you have to figure out what it is that you believe for yourself. If you are very cynical, then you might not believe anything you read without having seen it with your own eyes.

I am still is what I am looking for. The story is good enough and people can take what they want from it. If it serves the writer’s purpose that is only to be expected. No one writes any thing without a purpose and no one is truly impartial when it comes to that sort of thing.It is not too hard to figure out when someone is spinning things and obviously most people are not telling untruths because that can be easily found out, especially if you are putting your own name to it. In this case the story is possibly apocryphal and it tells something which is supposed to show that the lady is willing to go as far as she needs to go to win. That is only a good thing up to a point of course, Stalin and Hitler were always willing to go the distance.